Near Gatten Carp Fisheries Shropshire


Our lakes are already becoming one of Shropshire’s premier big fish day ticket waters and our plan is to manage it so that it becomes the best!

At 3 acres this mature lake nestles in the Shropshire Hills and was dug some 30 years ago by the late Harold Harding of Near Gatten Farm. It was originally run as a coarse fishery and enjoyed for many years by local anglers.

In late 2010 TC Fisheries secured the site and the decision was made to develop this stunning lake into a specimen carp fishery that will rival any other. The aim is to offer the serious carp angler an exclusive chance to catch thoroughbred English carp supplied to us from the UK's leading carp farm – VS Fisheries Ltd. The VS fish are of outstanding quality and highly regarded as some of the best carp available in the UK. They produce their fish by crossing historic bloodlines, such as Leneys, Dink and the awesome Sutton at Hone fish, to produce fish that not only look fantastic but also have the potential to grow into the big fish of the future.  Looking at recent growth in Near Gatten they are sure to be.

At present the lake contains around 70 carp which range from doubles to 30lbs including some original stock. There are a high percentage of the stock that are in excess of 20lbs and with this number growing every year the lake is developing into the specimen fishery that we wanted. 

This lake offers challenging fishing without doubt but amazing rewards are there for all.

Depths in the lake range from 4ft to 12ft and there are numerous features to fish from each swim.

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